Awesome Pastel Hair Colours

Coloring your hair in wild colours seems to be the biggest trend of recent days. If you’re starting to get tired of "normal" hair color, you will be glad to know that there is a new beauty trend taking social media by storm!

Pastel Rainbow Hair Extensions

Behold, Pastel Coloured Hair

Apparently, colourful hair isn’t just for punks anymore, and a lot of women (including celebrities) are opting to dye their normal hues in favour of all kinds of stunning pink, blue, green and purple shades. Aside from looking insanely awesome, these vibrant colours will make you look like a mythical unicorn or a siren of the sea.

These colours give a feminine vibe, and considering the endless amount of soft shades available, there’s a pastel hair colour that perfectly complements with any style.

There are plenty of bold hair colours available but the matter at hand is, which colour suits your personality? For some people though, there's one challenge. It's a scary thing jumping into the deep end and dying your hair such a bold and out-there colour! So if you'd rather dip your toes in first, behold, there's the option of pastel hair extensions instead.

Here's a collection of the best bold shades for you to be inspired by so you can find the hue suitable for your unique self.

Subtle Pastel Pink on Blonde Hair

Pastel pink hair extensions is a delightful shade that works well if your base colour is a shade of blonde. Unfortunately, you may not get the same vivid effect dying on darker hues. For those with dark hair, don't despair. You can still enjoy pastel pink highlights thanks to our tape-in extensions. This is the perfect colour for holidays, festivals, parties and for special events where you should have an eye-catching and soft, feminine look.

Pastel Pink Hair Extensions

Pastel Rainbow Hair Colors

Just like the regular rainbow coloring your hair, the colorist can achieve a unique hair color on your light hair using the pastel shades. This combination looks perfect, especially on braided hairstyles.

Rainbow Hair Extensions

Purple Shades

This great combination of different shades of purple hair extensions looks quite sophisticated and astounding. Both colors work with each other bringing out its beauty especially on wavy or curly hairstyles.

Pastel Purple Hair Extensions


Many celebrities wore lilac hair color and got a really fabulous look. Sure, you can go for a fully lilac hair look, but you could also experiment with a playful pastel streak or even ombre hair. 

Lilac Purple Hair Extensions

Blue and Green

The ombre trend isn't going anywere anytime soon and it works so well for pastel hair colours. You can see below an example of blue and green hair which is a perfect combination. 

Blue and Green Hair Extensions

Purple and green

The next combination that is sure to impress is an ombre look using purple and green shades.

Mermaid Hair Extensions

So, which style inspired you the most? what color do you choose? If you are not sure about it, try Pastel Line Rubin Extensions!