Deluxe Clip On Hair Extensions 100% Human Hair!

Would you like to create breathtaking hairstyles over and over again? Curls today, highlights tomorrow? No problem! Thanks to our hair extensions with clips you can have it all! You can attach them to your hair as fast and easy as when you want to remove them.

Long, smooth , shiny- and extremely thick. That is hair everybody will envy you! Give Mother Nature a helping hand with our straight hair extensions.



Our new Deluxe Line offers premium quality hair extensions with clips. This line was made with love to our costumers giving them the highest quality of real Slavic hair. Moreover, this hair is the longest from all our products, that way you can easily create an XXL hairstyle! Deluxe Line is perfect for when you want to shine! For everyday or for the special occasions.

Enjoy breathtaking, thick and long hair thanks to this quick and easy method of self-made hair extensions. Our Deluxe Clip-on Extensions set consists of 16 pieces with 38 clips (160 cm in total!)! Each packaging contains about 170g real hair!

Remy hair always has a high-quality standard and it is the perfect hair for extensions, but only the very best hair are taken to our Deluxe Line which makes it a must have for all the fashion victims!

This hair quality comes from the finest Indian hair sorted by hand. Moreover, our tangle-FREE formula protects the hair from matting. You will feel this exceptional quality as soon as you touch your new hair. This hair is amazingly vital and smooth. If you will care for your hair extensions they will remain this way for a long time. Enjoy your high-end 100% real hair extensions!

For keeping your hair extensions healthy we recommend our special Rubin Extensions hair care!