Ombre Clip-in Hair Extensions Tutorial: Effortless Volume with Rubin Extensions

Did you ever thought about how to grow your natural hair really fast? Us too! ..but until we find that solution, Clip In Hair Extensions are still the easiest and the best way to transform your hair from short to long, from thin to thick or from your natural color to any color you could only dream about - just in few minutes!

Blending ombre clip in hair extensions with your own hair and making them look natural can seem not so easy- but it is! Follow this tutorial and fall in love with Ombre Clip-In Extensions as we did!

Whoever thought that Ombre was just a one season trend was mistaken! The soft ombre took on new meaning when the pastels trend came up.

Why should you give a try to Ombre Hair Extensions?

  • It's fun & stylish - two colors looks better than one and it looks great with any hairstyle,
  • Easy change - dying all your hair seemed like too much? That's why Ombre is great cause it's all about a half of your hair!
  • Actually, no coloring needed - get ombre look using Clip In Extensions whenever you want!
  • Hairstyles look better- ombre effect gives more life to your hair

If you don't love Ombre as much as we do, after seeing this tutorial you will be convinced.

In this video, our beautiful friend Paulina shows how to clip on Ombre Hair Extensions and how to create beach waves on them. Paulina is wearing 390g Ombre Multi Colors 51-55 cm Beach Blonde & Pink.

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