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Pink Tape-in Extensions - 100% Human Hair!

Discover the tape-in pink human hair extensions that have impressed the stylists around the world. Create the hair of your dreams and transform fine and thin hair to thick and luscious locks with our Pro Deluxe Line. Each pack includes 20 hair wefts made of Slavic hair in a length of 41 or 51 cm depending on your choice. Pink extensions are a fun and playful way to change up your look without dying your hair!

Hair quality

Tape-in Extensions made from Slavic human hair

This exclusive product is made of 100 % REMY HAIR from the hand-selected Slavic human hair of highest quality. For the production of our Deluxe Line, we use only gently processed and smooth hair. Carefully handcrafted, we create particularly silky, vital hair wefts, which thanks to our tangle-FREE formula are well protected against annoying entanglements. We guarantee that they will become your new favorite hair extensions!

Find out more about the hair quality of our extensions in our information section.


Before & After Hair-Extensions

Hair extensions designed especially for you!

Getting long hair quickly can be so easy now! Rubin of Switzerland offers you high-quality extensions made of 100% natural hair. Tape-in extensions are available in various colors, lengths, and textures. With us you will also find the right care for your extensions, so you can enjoy your hair extensions for a long time.


How to apply tape-in hair extensions?

With our tape-on extensions, you decide to wear the durable version of hair extensions, which is unbeatable as far as price and quality are concerned. Once they are taped in the extensions stay firm and cannot slip around. Your new hairstyle will accompany you every day now for many weeks. Our extensions are so fine and smooth. You will immediately fall in love with them! 

You can find a detailed guide in our information section.

Recommendation from our stylists:

  • 10 - 20 strands for color effects and highlights
  • 20 - 40 strands for volume (hair thickening)
  • 40 - 60 strands for a complete hair extension



How to apply tape-in  extensionshow to apply Tape-in Hair-extensions


For the following treatments, we advise caution when attaching the tapes:

  • Keratin treatment
  • Oil treatments (e.g., argan oil, coconut oil, etc.)
  • Hair conditioner

These can affect the retention of your tape-in extensions. We, therefore, recommend that you wash your hair thoroughly before applying the tapes, and the hair should be completely dry.

Care instructions

How to maintain Tape-in Hair Extensions

High-quality human hair extensions require special care with a balanced pH and smooth care ingredients. You also need to take care of the connections with your hair, so it stays absolutely tight.  That's why we created our exclusive Rubin Extensions Care Line. It is specially adapted to our extensions and keeps your hair extension silky and healthy for a long time.

Find out more about our care instructions in order to enjoy your hair extension for a long time!



 Instructions on How to Apply Tape-in Extensions 

Tape-in extensions are placed into your hair using the “sandwich” method. What this means is that you will part a strand of your hair with a comb and attach a strand of tape to it from above and below.

Application of Tape-in Extensions

Make sure that you attach both the upper and lower strands of your skin wefts to the base of the strand at the same distance from the scalp. This is the only way to make your hair extensions look symmetrical.

For the attachment of our real human hair tape-in extensions, you can use our miniature straightening iron. Its dimensions and the temperature of the ceramic plates are perfectly made for our skin wefts. Should you have any problems attaching your tape-in extensions by yourself, please ask your hairdresser for help.

Tape-in Hair Extensions – A Step-by-Step Guide


Part your hair with a comb and put the upper part of the hair up with a clip so that it does not interfere with the next steps.


Take a strand of hair from your tape-in extensions set and stick it to the top side of your own parted hair. The distance to the scalp should be about 2 millimeters. Make sure that the tapes are only attached to the hairs directly adjacent to each other.


Take another strand of hair and glue it to the underside of your own hair strand. Here too, the distance to the scalp should be about 2 millimeters in order to achieve an even result. Then you can let your hair down again.


Work your way up following steps 1 through 3 on the back of the head. Then do the same to the sides of your head.


You should place a maximum of 2 rows of hair between the sandwiches, though placing only one inbetween is even better. The tapes should not be placed too close to the scalp, as this will have an effect on how well they will stay in place. Approximately 5 mm distance is ideal. Then lightly glue on with the straightening iron set to a high temperature.

Video Tutorial - How To Apply Tape-in Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions have been our passion for more than 15 years. During this time we've become the leading hair extension experts in Switzerland. From the best quality clip-in extensionstape-in extensionkeratin bond extensions, and the popular clip-in ponytails and clip-in bangs, our online shop provides hair fashionistas with what their heart desires. Our high-quality hair extensions are made from only the finest remy human hair. To keep your hair extensions looking their best, the Rubin hair extension care series will ensure your extensions will last as long as possible.

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