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    10 products

    Pro Deluxe Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions - Superior Quality 

    The Pro-Deluxe line of Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions are the answer to your prayers for long, luscious and professional looking hair. They're perfect for adding highlights, length and volume. These real hair extensions are bonded to strands of hair using special adhesive. They're a lightweight solution to hair extensions that don't weigh down your hair. Made from 100% Slavic human hair, their superior quality will provide you with long-lasting vibrant and shiny hair.

    One package consists of 20 pieces of 100% Slavic human hair at 51cm long and 1gram/piece (total 20 grams).

    We recommend:

    • For hair thickening: 2-3 packages
    • For full hair extension: 4-8 packages