Application of Ponytail Extensions


Instructions on How To Attach Clip-in Ponytail Hair Extensions

The process for applying our clip-in ponytail extensions is simple. The best part is, no professional experience is required!

To start with, gather your hair into a ponytail or a bun. Take the clip-in hair piece and simply place it into your own ponytail. Secure the clip and hide the transitioning bits with a strand of hair that is already integrated into your ponytail.

Just like that, your new look is finished! Go ahead and try it to experience the wow effect in no time at all! Our video tutorial below provides another helpful visual tutorial on how to apply the ponytail extensions.

 Ponytail_Anwendung_Rubin_Extensions Ponytail_Anwendung_Rubin_Extensions  Ponytail_Anwendung_Rubin_Extensions Ponytail_Anwendung_Rubin_Extensions

Video Tutorial - How To Put in Clip-in Ponytail Extensions