Application of Keratin Bonds

Application of Keratin Bond Extensions

Step-by-Step Instructions on How To Attach Keratin Bond Extensions

Our special Keratin Bond Hair Extensions are of premium quality and will guarantee a highly professional look. Lengthening your hair using our bonded strand extensions is similar to our tape-in extensions. The process involveds parting your hair and adhering the extension to strands of your own hair. When attaching keratin bonds, you also have to work your way up from the bottom to the top and do the back of your head first before attaching the hair extensions to the sides.

For attaching the keratin extensions, you can use our Rubin miniature straightening iron, which works very well. Please note that attaching the bond extensions does require some practice. Therefore, we advise you seek guidance from a professional to help you with these types of extensions. That way, you will be able to enjoy your new, beautiful look in no time at all!

Bond Extensions: A Step-By-Step Guide

Anwendung_Haarsthränen_Extensions Anwendung_Haarsthränen_Extensions  Anwendung_Haarsthränen_Extensions Anwendung_Haarsthränen_Extensions

STEP 1: Part your hair with a comb and put the upper part of the hair up with a clip so that it does not interfere with the next steps. Using a stem comb, take a strand of hair from the lower part of the hair directly where you had parted it. This strand of hair should be as wide as the bond strand that will be attached to it.

STEP 2: Place the extension approx. 2 mm above the scalp onto your strand of hair and glue it on.

STEP 3: Work your way up using the steps 1 through 2 on the back of the head, part by part and strand by strand. Then do the same to the sides of your head.

FINAL TIP: Do not attach the Keratin bond extensions too close to your face. If the extensions are too close, they could be visible when you put up your hair in a ponytail or do other updos.