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      keratin bond - pro deluxe line
      Luxury Hair Extensions in Pro-Deluxe Quality
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      Keratin Tip Bonding Extensions
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      Keratin Bond - Premium Line
      Luxury Hair Extensions in Premium Quality
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      21 products

      Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions - For Extra Length and Volume


      Discover the possibilities with our keratin bonded hair extensions today!

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      Pre-Bonding Tip Extensions

      Keratin Bond Extensions - Premium Line

      Superior Russian human hair in excellent Remy quality is what makes this bond extensions line so special. Your own hair can be thickened and lengthened in an invisible way with these vibrant, healthy strands. Our tip: the extension strands can also be used to add a hint of color!

      Keratin Bond Extensions - Pro Deluxe Line

      The Pro-Deluxe line of Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions are perfect for adding highlights, length and volume. They're made from 100% Slavic human hair, their superior quality will provide you with long-lasting vibrant and shiny hair. 


      Not everyone is born with thick, voluminous hair. Thanks to our keratin bonded hair extensions, you can lend Mother Nature a helping hand and have your sought-after dream hair in no time at all. Now you will be able to enjoy a thick, healthy head of hair every day! Our bond extensions make it easy to be flexible and change your hair according to your wishes.

      We have the right hair strands for everyone’s budget and taste. An added bonus are the many styles you will be able to create with longer, fuller hair. You can decide how long or thick you want your hair to be.