Clip-in Extensions

The Best Quality Clip-in Extensions Made From 100% Real Human Hair

You love changing your hair style over and over again and create new hair styles every day? Then you should try our clip-in hair extensions made from 100% human hair. It is real easy to have a new self-made hairstyle using clip-in extensions. Create a breathtaking curly mane for a party or an elegant long hairstyle for a stroll through the city shops. Thanks to our clip-in hair extensions you can create every hairstyle yourself. We make everything possible – even beautiful highlights with strands and fresh colors thanks to our Ombre and Balayage Line made from 100% real human hair extensions.

And this way your metamorphosis happens within the blink of an eye: prepare your hair, open the clips of your extensions, fit them to your hairline, close them – finished. Now you can have every long hairstyle you love. Discover hair extension the easy and quick way with our real hair clip-in extensions. Look through our different extension types and fall in love with your favorite! Learn how to apply clip-in hair extensions and become a pro in no time at all. We also have our wildly popular natural hair ponytail extensions. Find out more information about our hair quality to see what style matches your needs and budget.

Clip-in Extensions - Fashion Line

This set for Hair Extension includes 7 pieces--16 Clips, 69cm wide. Our Fashion Line real hair extensions are available in packages of 70g and 120g. These clip-in extensions are the perfect solution for women with short or fine hair. You can clip on the few extension strips quick and easy and your hair will look amazing within the blink of an eye. Our tip: For short and thick hair 120g + 70g yield best results.

Clip-in Extensions - Rubin Line

This is a very high quality alternative to untreated hair. 100% natural REMY!

Our most flexible Line in packages of 130g, 260g and 390g. This 51 to 55 cm long real hair fits every head perfectly. Thanks to the few but wide strips of hair you can create your new dream hair style within minutes. Hair extension could not be easier. Try it now and find your perfect color!

Clip-in Extensions - Pro Deluxe Line

This amazing real hair in best premium quality is the most precious Line of all of our clip-on extensions. Shiny remy hair is woven to thick strips of 60 cm long hair. These strips suit especially well women who want to thicken very long hair or who want to extend short, thick hair. The result is pure luxury!

Clip-in Extensions - Balayage Line

This product is a high-quality alternative to untreated, virgin hair. Our 100% natural remy hair in proven premium quality with a tangle-free formula to prevent unsightly knots. Each package includes about 130 g / 1260g / 390 g of human hair!

Clip-in Extensions - Ombre Line

Discover the ombre hair trend without having to dye your own hair. Our ombre coloured hair clips will add a color contrast within minutes. The colourful strands can be attached effortlessly using your own hair and make for an exciting new style. Choose from a large selection of colour combinations. Each package includes about 130 g / 1260 g / 390 g of human hair.

Clip-in Extensions - Curls Line

Discover the latest innovation among hair extensions. Now you can have long curly hair in just under 5 minutes and without gluing or fusing the hairs together. Enjoy voluminous and long hair thanks to this fast, uncomplicated way of lengthening your hair in the comfort of your own home. Made from 100 % human hair! Each package includes about 130 g / 1260 g / 390 g of human hair!
Place your order for clip-in extensions now and soon you enjoy the incredible feeling of vital, long, and shiny hair!