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    Indian hair – for dreamy extensions at a fair price


    Indian hair is the most often used hair for hair extensions. Sometimes referred to as temple hair, this raw hair is offered up as a sacrifice by religious Hindus in temples in India for a wish or to show gratitude for the fulfillment of a wish. The hair is shaved off at the roots.

    The advantage of using Indian hair is that the hairs have usually been cared for with natural ingredients and have not been chemically treated. They are therefore very healthy and of a high quality. Before the hair is shaved off in the temples, the hairs are pulled back into a ponytail to preserve the same direction of growth.

    Indian hair has another advantage: Indians and Europeans share the same ancestors. That is why the structure of Indian hair is similar to the European one. Thus, the hairs do not have to be processed specifically to adjust the hair structure and are therefore healthier, more vibrant and of a higher quality. When properly cared for, this hair will stay looking shiny, beautiful and stunning for up to a year.